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myMAX – Your Hands-Free SMART Assistant
Simple – Manageable – Affordable – Responsive – Time-Saver

myMAX is the future, now!

So many of us work so hard, on a daily basis, to provide a safe environment in our homes to care for and educate children. We do this because we share a love for children and teaching. Our goal is to focus as much of our day as possible on that care and education.

We also, as licensed family day care providers, need to perform certain tasks that take us away from the children in our care on a daily basis. Logging children in and out takes time. Making sure we log their health checks (where mandated) is important; tracking meals, naptimes, bottle feedings, diaper changes all become a necessary chore that we must comply with to stay in the good graces of our state regulatory agencies.

How can we accomplish both tasks, focus on children and simplify paperwork?

Drum roll please… Introducing myMAX; Your Hands-Free SMART Assistant. With myMAX you can accomplish all these tasks with just the sound of your voice.

myMAX is an affordable, cloud-based technology that utilizes an Amazon Dot and logs daily activities with simple voice commands.

• Check in each child as they enter the home
• Log bottle feedings
• Log diaper changes
• Log snacks
• Log meals
• Log naptime
• Log “What child learned today”
• Log “Items needed from parent”
• Logout each child as they leave the center
• Send a Daily Contact Sheet to each parent upon checkout for the day.

You also have the ability, from a web interface, to manage families and Daily Contact Sheets in the cloud.

Securely hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform (using the same encryption as credit card processors), your data is not only safe, it is there forever. myMAX provides standardized reporting to support state regulatory needs for Child Attendance and delivery of Daily Contact Sheets to Parents. Even if your state does not require Daily Contact Sheets or Health Checks both of these items reduce your liability and increase parent satisfaction. Either way, investing in myMAX is a great decision for bringing your Family Child Care into the 21st century.

Call today to lock in the introductory pricing. As of October 31, 2017, myMAX will be priced at $49.95. Subscribe by 10/31/17 to lock in the introductory price of $29.95 for as long as you use the product. Month-to-Month Term. No long-term commitment.

John M Miller
CEO of myMAX and Child Care Provider