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In a Family-Based Child Care Environment: Graciously In Flight Corp.

by Grace J Rodriguez

Child with bear

What are some ways we can celebrate the season with our childcare group and honor those diverse cultures? We want to bring the young individuals that we welcome into our home daily and create a “holiday environment,” one that they can enjoy and embrace, as we respect their own individual traditions and cultures.

This is an exciting part of the year for the kids. A magical time of the year. Who can resist getting into such a festive mood when you have the curiosity of so many children. Different thoughts, different stories and most of all the beauty in diversity.


As providers we must consider the fact that not all children will celebrate Christmas. Not all Christmases will look the same. So, the question at hand would be “As a Child Care Provider, how can we have a fun Christmas celebration and respect all beliefs?” We start with what we know, and how we can foster a festive environment that all the children in your group can enjoy and take part in. Our goal is to not leave anyone out but welcome in the beauty of their culture and how they celebrate within their homes and bring the celebration into our family based environment.

This can be achieved by exposing your children in your care to different cultures, and customs while they are young and curious. After all, as providers this is one of the many teachable moments. Get the families involved, use Christmas as a way to teach about cultural backgrounds through books, music, art, food even clothing. This is the time to create a festive holiday environment in your home that embraces traditions while bringing the families you service together.


As Tom Copeland states “Party, Party, Party!”  It is one way to describe what family Child Care Providers do. Kids love celebrations, why would Christmas be any different? It allows parents and children to connect in a place in where they can support one another and learn about new traditions.


Here’s a tip: Throw an Around the World themed party this holiday season. Have parents bring food from their culture, add activities from around the globe alongside the traditional Christmas we celebrate.

So “Tis the Season,” and use this holiday as an opportunity to embrace the beautiful and diverse world we live in.

Happy Holidays to all the Child Care Provider Communities and much thanks to myMAX for giving me this opportunity to contribute.


Grace J, Rodriguez, is the owner of Graciously In Flight Corp. and is a devoted Child Care Provider.