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PATIENCE: Is a VIRTUE we follow at G.I.F. Kids: Graciously In Flight Corp.

by Grace J Rodriguez


I am always told on outings with my G.I.F. Kids by the many observers that “I have a good group,” a “Well behaved group,” or “What is my secret? They listen so well.” You never know as a Childcare Provider when or where someone will observe your children in action. Overtime you learn, you develop techniques, you become skilled indoors and when you’re out and about with your group of children. Combined, the secret to those skills is not a person, place or thing, it is a word a big word in this industry called “Patience.” or “Paciencia.” as I like to say in Spanish every now and then.


As a Provider you need to uphold your position, children need consistency, structure, routine and always prepare for those days in which all that gets thrown to the side. Those are the days in which patience is practiced the most.

I knew growing up that education was my passion, loving kids and eventually wanting my own childcare business. My vision was clear and precise, my goals were on point, and one day I went from teaching to a Child Care Provider and never looked back. Still a work in progress, still growing as a small business entrepreneur. Yet very rewarding.


As a Family Provider, you form a connection with these children, you become part of their world, you teach, nurture, expose. As they grow, a part of you grows as well through their eyes and visions.

Through time I have had a rainbow of kids ranging from the norm to challenging to the “in between.” The key has always been to practice being patient, teaching the concept of patience and provide quality care while doing so. Your sanity is tested multiple times, but like any other skill patience is developed and fine-tuned over time.

Patience is exercised through development like any other teaching. The perception of a child is far different from that of an adult, I have always had a gift to reach my children in such a unique way as if I get into their heads somehow, relate, find the right words or actions. It is only with endurance and patience that you and that child can develop an understanding of each other.


I am their role model for more than 8 hours a day, what I practice they will follow. So it is of importance that as a provider that we imitate only the good. If we lose ourselves “over spilled milk,” so to speak, then what are we teaching? Our reaction will be their reaction, so create an atmosphere that is pleasant, laughable, tactful and filled with learning moments.


Ultimately you must take care of you, be kind and patient to yourself. This profession is not for everyone, your patience will continuously be tested. If you get upset with every action a child creates, you will inevitably “burn out,” and fast. That will only limit your daily flow and prevent you from a rewarding and fulfilling day with your Child Care children.

So, start your day energized and ready to go, your kids will soon follow. Be creative, explore, engage in play and embrace those moments only a caregiver can capture! There is nothing like a community that is fulfilling and rewarding as the Provider Community.


Grace J, Rodriguez, is the owner of Graciously In Flight Corp. and is a devoted Child Care Provider.