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by Nick Molik

Child and parents

What is your time worth? What is quality time with your family worth? Think about it.

Here at myMAX we aren’t selling you a product, we are solving serious problems. Some of those problems, you may not even realize you have.

This one for example, is potentially the most important. How do you value your time?

Let’s look at the average provider:
Open from 7:30am to 5:30pm. Which means you’re responsible for children for 50 hours a week, give or take a few hours depending on the provider.

Now stop and think for a second…Those 50 hours are what you get paid for, correct?

I can see each one of you providers reading this saying to yourselves… But I work a LOT more than 50 hours a week.

And then it hits you.  You work upwards of 5-20 additional hours without getting paid. Filling out journals, logging meals, snacks, diaper changes and milestones, and that’s just the beginning…Not to mention the time you spend at the end of each year with tax preparation which is a whole additional time drain.

kitchen table covered with plannersThis is precious time that you COULD be spending with your family but you can’t as you HAVE to log and manage this information daily and monthly and yearly. When’s the last time you were sitting at the kitchen table, at night, working on paperwork while your husband and kids were watching a movie in the living room?

Does any of this sound familiar?

Now ask yourself this question. Why can’t you get some of that work done during the day?

You have littles to watch and feed and change and teach and help grow. You’re a unique business where it is extremely difficult to multi-task throughout the day. Clearly you can’t change a diaper and jot it down at the same time, who has 4 arms? You can’t feed 10 children a snack and jot it down or log it at the same time. What are you a super hero? Well yes, you are, but that’s another blog post all together! That still doesn’t allow you to multi-task. These are tasks you must accomplish separately, when you have time.


I said in the beginning that myMAX solves problems and guess what? We’ve solved this one. You now have the opportunity and the ability to multi-task throughout the day, for the first time!

Provider and child after diaper changeChanging a diaper? Record it while your hands are busy.

Snack time for all 10 kids? Record it using your voice once and have it logged for all 10 kids.

Imagine the possibilities!

The average provider has told me they make between $25-$30 an hour. But if you add in the additional hours you need to put in, your pay drops drastically. You’re working 70 hours a week now getting paid maybe $18-$22 dollars an hour. Again, why? Because 10-15 hours a week are when the children aren’t there.

myMAX will instantaneously give you back NO LESS than 10 hours a month by allowing you to multi-task. If you feel that your time is worth what you get paid, which is $30 an hour, we will give you back $300 worth of time, PER MONTH!

Would you like to spend an additional 10 hours or more a month with your family?

For $19.95 per month (and now through January 2, 2018 only $14.95/month) you will immediately gain valuable time ($300 worth) back that you’ve never had before.

If someone told you to give them $20 at the beginning of the month and they would turn right around and give you $300 back by the end of the month, would you do it? Who wouldn’t?

Talk about an investment. myMAX is an investment in yourself, your family and your business.

Nick Molik, is the National Sales Manager at myMAX and expert in Family Child Care.