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How myMAX Can Pay for Itself – by Tom Copeland (1/17/18)

How myMAX Can Pay for Itself by Tom Copeland   myMax is a unique tool that that can save you a lot of time by reducing your record keeping burden. But, how can it save you money?   myMax costs $19.95 per month ($14.95 for some). That’s equal to $239 or $179...

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Just my G.I.F (1/16/18)

Just my G.I.F. Kid the Cats Meow and Me: by Grace J. Rodriguez     They called it “The Bomb Cyclone.” New York’s first major storm. As a Family Provider I try my best to stay open even on the worst of days. Why you ask? There will always be that one or two...

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What is your time worth? (12/28/17)

WHAT IS YOUR TIME WORTH? by Nick Molik What is your time worth? What is quality time with your family worth? Think about it. Here at myMAX we aren’t selling you a product, we are solving serious problems. Some of those problems, you may not even realize you have. This...

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Graciously In Flight Corp (12/26/17)

myMAX's mission is to bring a focus to Family and Group Child Care Providers who deliver quality, nurturing care to so many children and peace of mind to those families. As part of that focus we are delighted to introduce our new feature, myMAX Listens Provider...

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Holidays (12/20/17)

HOLIDAYS... In a Family-Based Child Care Environment: Graciously In Flight Corp. by Grace J Rodriguez What are some ways we can celebrate the season with our childcare group and honor those diverse cultures? We want to bring the young individuals that we welcome into...

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Patience (12/14/17)

PATIENCE: Is a VIRTUE we follow at G.I.F. Kids: Graciously In Flight Corp. by Grace J Rodriguez   I am always told on outings with my G.I.F. Kids by the many observers that “I have a good group,” a “Well behaved group,” or “What is my secret? They listen so...

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