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Frequently Asked Questions

Does myMAX offer a 100% RISK-FREE TRIAL? Yes, subscribe to myMAX and your first 30 days if FREE.  We take your credit card information but do not charge you for 30 days.  If you unsubscribe before the 30 days (easily done from your dashboard) you will never be charged a penny!   Amazon also offers a 30 Day Return Policy which makes trying myMAX 100% RISK-FREE.

Does myMAX send a Daily Activity Sheet to parents? Yes, at the end of the day the provider has the opportunity to send each parent a daily activity sheet via their email. NO MORE PAPER! These daily sheets give parents a complete rundown of what their child did, what they ate, bathroom visits, milestones etc.

Is the Amazon Dot/Echo ALWAYS listening?  No, it does not listen to everything that goes on in your house. Here are two fantastic articles that explain how Alexa works. Read More Here and even more here.

Do you have to sign up for an annual subscription? No!  myMAX is a month to month subscription service and the first month is FREE.

Do you provide customer support? YES!. You can ask any provider that uses myMAX, we have the best customer service in the Child Care Industry. You can reach someone 7 days a week and most of the time 24 hours a day.

Do you need multiple Amazon Dots in your house? No.  Most providers put the Amazon Dot somewhere in a location widely used for the care of children. Alexa can hear commands from quite a distance.

Is myMAX going to integrate with a CACFP software? Yes.  We are currently integrated with CACFPNet.Com. And others are in the works. Call YOUR software provider and tell them you want myMAX integrated NOW.  We are 100% ready to integrate to every CACFP software company. Which ones? Stay tuned!

Are you going to be adding more features into myMAX?  Yes. We LISTEN to our clients. Your suggestions mean everything to us and we take each one of them very seriously. We prioritize our releases based on current client requests and how many have made a specific request. So, if you want something added to myMAX, send all your suggestions to support@lovemymax.com and we will put your suggestions into our software development queue.

What benefits do myMAX users receive from Tom Copeland? A lot and they’re pretty amazing. Please read all about the partnership here.