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Just my G.I.F. Kid the Cats Meow and Me: by Grace J. Rodriguez



They called it “The Bomb Cyclone.” New York’s first major storm. As a Family Provider I try my best to stay open even on the worst of days. Why you ask? There will always be that one or two families in need of your services who themselves were mandated to go to work.


Yes, that was me, during our first major snow storm. I know I may not be alone in this effort to assist to the fullest and go the extra mile when it comes to my families. I would love to hear from other providers how they may have extended their services on days like this. What did you do? How did you make the day flow? I am here to tell you about our day.


Just my G.I.F.Kid , the cats meow and me. This is a great topic because I love the outdoors, my group is naturistic and they love to explore. But when winter hits, how do we, as providers, bring the outdoors in? This was a day to explore, be creative and incorporate a lesson. Not to mention we whipped up some hot chocolate, a great opportunity to incorporate those math skills when measuring how much milk we should use and counting the marshmallows and watching a movie. What comes to mind when we know it’s going to snow? Sensory exploration, fun at any age really. Yes, providers bring the snow indoors! That’s what we do. Lil Miss Aubrey assisted as I gathered so many fun materials to incorporate. She had paint, glitter, various sized tools to shape, dig, shovel and mold. My family provider friends, do you know how much fun this activity can be? Hours of fun! I had the pleasure of enjoying her in the spotlight.


These smiles made my day! As the day went on and the snow continued to fall, we just went from one enriched activity to another. A major tip for my family provider community: “Always have extra crafts and craft supplies handy,” for days like this in which you may have to open your doors. Days like these don’t have to be structured and you can make them flow when you have those extra materials on hand. As a little girl I enjoyed coloring felt pictures, when I come across these rare finds, I introduce them into my art area. Little Miss Aubrey is a very creative individual, smart and always exploring new ideas. When it came to doing her tutorials she couldn’t be more excited. Yes I am also a family provider that provides more than just a normal day of care.


I love what I do, and want more for my group of explorers. This is Miss Aubrey reading. Reading is a big component to my day with these children. Books are treasures as they unfold a whole new world of possibilities. Little Miss Aubrey was very proud to read such an awesome story about the Presidents. We added a tutorial session to this snowy day, making it fun with these letter tiles. She took out her sight words and spelled each word with the letter tiles. This task just reinforced her skill to spell and to recognize and expand her knowledge of the words visually. Another tip regarding these letter tiles: put them in the bucket of snow. Bury them, then have the kids pull them out and see if they can spell a word as a group.


On days like this you want to be able to have a variety of open and endless opportunities to play and explore. As our day unfolded we just had silly moments. I can be silly just like a kid, my heart is that of a child. They love it when you get just as silly as they are, the cats meow included.


The Cats Meow and Lil Miss Aubrey’s Snowy Day. As a Family Care Providers we must carry always that sense of wonder. I consider myself to be a unique provider who creates a wholesome environment. The younger years are the most memorable and impressionable, and I strive to make that happen everyday as a provider! We made the best of this day, we made it through the ‘Bomb Cyclone.” This day felt more rewarding than any other day snow! I enjoyed sharing it with you all. Would love my community of Providers to share some of your snow day stories with us.


Grace J, Rodriguez, is the owner of Graciously In Flight Corp. and is a devoted Child Care Provider.