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Virtually eliminate the stress and anxiety of logging daily activities

myMAX is so easy to use. I was getting buried with notebooks and logs. Watching the 8 children in my care is most important. I love that myMAX helps me focus more on them, and not the paperwork!

Michelle S.
Family Day Care Provider, NY

I love this I am more able to keep track of what I did for who and when. My parents love it because now that I can voice record something like bottle feeding or diaper change they are getting more complete daily papers which to be honest with you they never did. The customer support is way beyond awesome, these people really listen to what you have to say, your ideas, and thoughts (probably better then my husband does) and fixes things (definitely better then my husband does!) I am stoked to use this program and see what amazing things it will bring us in the future. I also would and do recommend this for any provider out there you will wonder how you were so efficient with out it!

Christine M.
Family Child Care Provider, MN

To all my fellow Providers, join in on the myMAXlistens blogs, and YouTube videos, and the best myMAX hands–free S.M.A.R.T Assistant. We are one amazing community!

Grace R.
Family Child Care Provider, MN

Awesome!!! I can’t wait to see what the future holds for myMAX!!!

Marcie F.
Family Child Care Provider, TN

I highly recommend this up and coming BEST FAMILY CHILD CARE PRODUCT out there! myMAX is an amazing program that allows you to decrease the amount of time you spend on your family child care paperwork, allows you to focus and spend more time engaged and active with the children within your care, as well as decreases the amount of time you spend working after the children leave! Customer service is fantastic and this is the first and only product out there that LISTENS to the family child care provider and what they need and want!!!

Katy M.
Family Child Care Provider, IL

This is what happens during nap time for providers at the end of year. Every file has to be updated and taxes prepped. It’s so tiring my dog passed out on the job. Thanks for making a program that will help me reduce this pile at next years end!

Anonymous, Family Child Care Provider

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myMAX converts your voice commands into data, completes all your state-mandated reporting and automatically sends a complete daily sheet to parents upon check-out.
myMAX requires an internet connection and an Amazon Echo or Dot.
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Stop writing everything down! Let your voice do it for your. These reports are available on the myMAX Dashboard, which is accessed using a web browser. Everything you say gets turned into data. Click here to view the reports available with myMAX.

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