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myMAX’s mission is to bring a focus to Family and Group Child Care Providers who deliver quality, nurturing care to so many children and peace of mind to those families. As part of that focus we are delighted to introduce our new feature, myMAX Listens Provider Spotlight. The Spotlight shines a light on the reasons Providers opted to open their homes to care for children and the many joys they receive in return, and some challenges they overcome to deliver care.


This week’s provider: Grace

Owner of Graciously In Flight Corp.

I always knew I loved children, working with children was my happy place. I began volunteering in childcare learning centers, teaching Sunday school at the church and learning as much as possible from other educators. Then one day I was offered the opportunity to teach preschoolers. My career path began. The center was in my community, Throggs Neck, the Bronx. I was able to walk to work, stay late and create a unique environment for the children I taught daily. I always had a great repour with my families. I took pride in the way I taught, in the way I spoke to my families and in the way my creativity flowed within the classroom environment. My assistant and I made such a great team. I taught preschoolers for 12 years while being a part of the administration environment. I assisted at the front desk, did family tours, open house, and enrolled families. I was given the opportunity to grow in the franchise, and opened one of their schools in Staten Island where I was offered the position of an Assistant Director.

In the back of my mind I always had this vision of running my own childcare. Being my own boss, having the opportunity to run a home-based childcare, with the opportunity to be creative, fun and unique. And while as provider – entrepreneur in the making I am still learning, growing and reaching for so much more within the Family Child Care Community.

We at G.I.F. Kids are explorers, nature lovers, creators, techies and so much more. That moment when I decided to leave the life of a preschool teacher was the moment I never looked back but forward. Most of my families followed, then that same reputation I built as a preschool teacher was that same reputation that I built upon my childcare. I get referred constantly, people approach me and see how involved I am with my families and their children and ask me “how do you do it.”

I chose this career because it is my passion, the need for childcare will always be present. But it takes a certain type of individual to bring forth daily. This career helps me to give back, to help families that have demanding schedules, to be that caregiver that goes the extra mile. That is me and more. I love these children as if they were mine, these families are an extension of my family. My open pitch when I do a meet and greet is that “We are a team. We need to work together to help your children become the best they can be.” My families work together to achieve that goal.

My schedule varies from day to day, but as you see my pictures tell a story. My families enjoy seeing their children engage in multiple activities. We embrace life, the weather never holds us back. Children need air, they need to explore, they need to engage to grow. We are such a spirited group and for that, I am blessed.

I am looking forward to 2018, as a Child Care Provider. I intend to grow further, pushing the limit and expanding. Uniting a community of providers, meeting in a place in which we can embrace each other’s ideas, share topics and experiences and possibly unite the families we service. That would be amazing, but the goal is real!  I take such pride in the families I service.

Thank you for Spot Lighting me as a provider. Looking forward to assisting myMAX and being part of the vision uniting amazing Child Care Providers.

Grace and the children at Graciously In Flight Corp.

Family Child Care Providers like Grace create a comfortable, nurturing environment for children to explore, learn and grow. Grace, thank you very much for all that you do as a child care provider and for sharing your wisdom with the Family Child Care community.
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Activities at G.I.F.